Tuesday 22 November, 2016



Session Chair: Dr. Sam Ssemanda,Commisioner MAAIF

Rapporteur: Ms. Damalie Akwango and Mr. Ollen Wanda


Keynote address: Experiences with agricultural policy formulation and implemetantion:The Uganda perspective by Dr. Sarah Ssewanyana, Executive Director Economic Policy Research Center

0900-0930 Discussion

Sub-Theme 1: Advances in agricultural innovations for increased agricultural competitiveness



Sub-Theme1 : Advances in agricultural innovations for increased agricultural competitiveness




Sub-Theme 3: Advances in agricultural innovations for increased agricultural









Hall: Victoria  Ball Room

Chair: Dr. Charles Mugoya

Rapporteur: Dr. Anne Kazibwe and Dr. Barbara Zawedde

Hall: Majestic

Chair: Prof. J. Rutaisire

Rapporteur: Dr. Constantine Katongole and Dr. John Walakira

Hall:  Royal

Chair: Dr. Godfrey Asea Rapporteur: Dr. Jimmy Lamwo and Dr. Geoffrey Tusiime

Hall: Regal

Chair: Dr. Dickson Baguma

Rapporteur: Dr. Japheth Magyembe and Mr. Ollen Wanda

  Biotechnology Livestock Plant Pathology NARO CGS

Role of Plant growth regulators in  regeneration of leaf explants into complete plants

 Apio et al.

Bridging the dry season dairy feeding gap using quality rice residue based Total Mixed Rations in Northern Uganda

Nviiri et al.

Characterisation, pathogenicity and epidemiology of pythium root rot disease in central Uganda

Arengoet al.


Capture-based aquaculture of the Nile perch

 Mwanja et al.



In vitro regeneration of shea tree (Vitellariaparadoxia) as influenced by explant type and media composition.

Okao et al.

Effect of feeding lactating dairy cows on fibrous maize Stover treated with Pleurotus sajor caju on dry matter intake, milk yield and quality

Atuhaire et al.

Response of rice germplasm to Bacterial leaf streak Disease in Uganda

Kanaabi et al.


Socio -ecological suitability of fish production in small water bodies in Western  Uganda

Mbabazi et al.


Variation in nutritional quality of cassava root following Vitamin-A biofortification.

Atwijukire et al.


Variations in resistance to gastrointestinal nematodes among indigenous goat breeds in Uganda

Onzima et al.

Reaction of cowpea germplasm to cercospora leaf spot disease (pseudocercospora cruenta (sacc.) deighton in Uganda

 Senyo et al.

Simultaneous selection of yield and yield stability of sweetpotato(Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) in Uganda

 Chelengant et al.


Molecular characterization via SSR markers of elite maize inbred lines for drought tolerance

Oluwaranti et al.

Alternative control options of livestock ailments to transform farmers’ lives in Uganda’s south east agro-ecological zone (USEAEZ)

Owoyesigire et al.

Characterisation of groundnut genotypes for resistance to groundnut rosette disease and its aphid vector (Aphis craccivora)

 Biruma et al.

Efficiency of solar light attraction technology for harvest of Mukene(Rastrineobola argentea) on Lake Victoria

Taabu-Munyaho et al.

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1030-1100 HEALTH BREAK

Sub-Theme 1:  Advances in agricultural innovations for increased agricultural competitiveness


Sub-Theme 1: Advances in agricultural innovations for increased agricultural competitiveness


Sub-Theme 1: Advances in agricultural innovations for increased agricultural competitiveness







Hall: Victoria Ball Room

Chair: Dr. Godfrey Asea

Rapporteur: Dr. Geoffrey Arinaitwe and Dr. Jerome Kubiriba


Hall: Majestic

Chair: Dr. Anthony Taabu

Rapporteur: Dr. Fred Kabi and Dr. Sam Oketch

Hall: Royal


Chair: Prof. Wilberforce Tushemereirwe

Rapporteur:Dr. Moses Biruma and Dr. Geoffrey Tusiime

Hall: Regal


Chair: Dr. George Lukwago

Rapporteur: Mr. Idd Ramadhani and Dr. John Adriko

  Biotechnology Livestock Plant Pathology NARO CGS

Effect of cutting type on rooting success and budbreak of the Shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa)

Okao et al.

Efficacy of Four Classical Anthelminthetics in Goats Managed under Natural Conditions in the South Western Highlands of Uganda

 Katali et al.

Field evaluation of Alternaria leaf petiole and stem blight resistance in the New Kawogo x Beauregard biparental sweetpotato breeding population in Uganda.

 Adero et al.

Isolation of pineapple heart rot causal organisms from the soils and plant tissues in central Uganda

Chelimo et al.


Effect of levels of flowering on pollen germination ability in different varieties cassava (ManihotesculentaCrantz)

Eyokia et al.

Sorghum stover and Tithonia diversifolia leaf hay as alternative feed resources in stallholder dairy production systems in northern Uganda

Kabirizi et al.        

Geographical distribution, biological and genetic diversity of cassava brown streak disease causing viruses in Uganda.

Abidrabo et al.

Screening of cowpea genotypes for resistance to Fusarium redolens in Uganda

Namasaka et al.


Development of an in-vitro multiplication protocol for the local African yam species in Uganda from nodal cuttings

Akol et al.

Challenges in diagnosing African swine fever in Uganda

Mayega et al.

Abundance and diversity of fungal endophyte communities associated with local Brachiaria ecotypes of Uganda

Mwesigwa et al.


Yield performance of sorghum under low soil nutrients and moisture in north eastern Uganda


 Otuba et al.


Regeneration of Totipotent tissues from Ugandan farmer preferred cassava genotypes.

Apio et al.

Role of bush pigs in the epidemiology  of African swine fever at the wildlife- live stock interface in Uganda

Ogweng et al.

Distribution and variability of Xanthomonasaxonopodispv. Manihotis in Uganda

 Opio et al.

Diversity and management of pineapple heart rot disease in Uganda

Bua et al.


Morphological characterization of plantlets generated from irradiated pollen


Oshaba et al.


Isolation and quantification of Enterohaemmorrhagic Escherichia coli in milk from Mityana district, Uganda

Muwereza et al.

Prevalence, incidence and severity of oil palm diseases in the Lake Victoria crescent and Western mid Altitude Agro-ecological zone of Uganda

 Mwebaze et al.

Biotechnology and improvement of medicinal plant species in Uganda

Adriko et al.


Production of organized embryogenic structures from selected cassava clones 

Oketcho et al.




Evaluation of sugar graze and nutrifeed sorghum forage varieties under different cutting and nitrogen fertilizer regimes in northern Uganda

Kabirizi et al.

Diseases and yield stability of selected common bean varieties in western Uganda

Awio et al.


In-vitro propagation of the endangered medicinal African ginger (Mondiawhitei)

Driciru et al.

Reproductive performance of single and double artificial insemination protocol in swine

Bandageet al.

Resistance of hybrid rice to rice yellow mottle virus (RYMV) and rice blast diseases in Uganda

Lamo et al.


Tissue protein response to zinc application in zinc biofortifier bush bean genotypes

Nankya et al.

The effect of Metarhizium anisopliae isolates on the hatchability of tick (Acari: ixodidae) eggs under laboratory conditions

 Alingu et al.

Postulation of stem rust and stripe rust resistance genes in a CIMMYT international wheat nursery using phenotypic and molecular technologies

Chemayek et al.


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Sub-Theme 1: Advances in agricultural innovations for increased agricultural competitiveness


Hall: Victoria

Chair: Dr. Benon Ssekamate

Rapporteur: Mr. John Bosco Muhumuzaand Dr. Anne Kazibwe

Sub-Theme 1: Advances in agricultural innovations for increased agricultural competitiveness


Hall: Majestic

Chair: Dr. Clement Okia

Rapporteur: Dr. Samson Gwali and Ms. Josephine Nakanwagi

Sub-Theme1: Advances in agricultural innovations for increased agricultural competitiveness

Hall: Royal

Chair: Dr. Swidiq Mugerwa

 Rapporteur: Dr. Winnie Nkalubo and Dr. Godfrey Kagezi






Hall: Regal

Chair: Dr. George Lukwago

Rapporteur: : Dr. John Adriko and Idd Ramadhani 

  Entomology and pathology Land use and climate change Fisheries NARO CGS

Distribution and status of Arabica coffee pests in the Mountain Elgon area of Uganda

 Kucel et al.

Land use /cover change and perceived watershed status in Eastern Uganda

Akello et al.

Effect of culture nutrients on the biomass and fatty acid profiles of microalgae (Chlorella spp.)

 Arinaitwe et al.


Up scaling and commercialization of available and utilisable innovations


Virus movement from infected vines to roots and symptom expression on root sprout

Adikini et al.

Status of land ownership and land use diversity in central Uganda.

Nankinga et al.


Inappropriate use of ecosystemmodels for guiding fish management without a priori knowledge: Insights from lake Victoria, East Africa.

Natugonza et al.



Role of sexual and asexual reproduction in Gibberella xylarioides on its virulence

 Olal et al.

Household perception of climate change in wetland adjacent communities in Uganda

Yikii et al.

Growth performance of rotifer fed on Chlorela cultured on locally available nutrient materials

 Arinaitwe et al.


Allelopathic properties of bioactive compounds in N|ERICA 1 rice variety and selected medicinal plants

Kaiira et al.

Prevalence of food insecurity in households adjacent to two wetland areas of Uganda

Yikii et al.

Hatchability of selected commercial Artemia strains using waters from selected Saline Crater Lakes of Western Uganda

Nkambo et al.


Performance of Bt maize (MON810) infested with spotted stem borer in Uganda

Otim et al.


Use of climate change adaptation strategies among arable crop farmers in Oyo and Ekiti States, Nigeria

Akintondeet al.

Integrated assessments for selection and zoning of sites for cage fish farms and aquaculture parks in northern lake Victoria

 Musinguzi et al.



Identification of sources of rust resistance in common bean germplasm in  Uganda

Odogwu et al.

Utilization and conservation status of indigenous woody plant species in a sedentary pastoral production system in south western Uganda

Nabasumba et al.



Exploitation of the elephant snout fish (Mormyrus kannume) Forsskal 1775. A case study on the Upper Victoria Nile.

Bassa et al.



Effect of synthetic and natural pesticides concentration on pests and natural enemies in citrus orchards

Tumwine et al.


Farmers’ criteria for preferred tree species inter-planted in coffee in Uganda


Nambuya et al.

The role of information technology in facilitating aquaculture development in Uganda.

 Matuha et al.


Degeneration of the quality of cassava planting materials due to cassava brown streak disease

Adoch et al.


Characterizing the coffee-banana agroforestry systems: An entry point for promoting coffee and banana growing in mid-northern Uganda

Kageziet al.

Prospects for Increasing Fish Production Through Cage Fish Farming in Uganda

Ogutu et al.

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1700-1730 HEALTH BREAK






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