Dr. Ambrose Agona

Keynote presentation: Repositioning the research agenda to achieve African Agricultural Transformation

When farmers lose produce during production and post-harvest it is not uncommon for Mother Nature, agricultural systems and personalities to be blamed. Similarly, when research fails to deliver on promises of availing the right technologies and innovations that transform people’s livelihoods for the better, scientists are accused of being too technical, “jargonistic” and paper tigers. Since 1988, Ambrose has found himself part of the unfolding scenarios mentioned!

Dr. Agona therefore came to realize that to find solutions to the above challenges, it is important that a Mister/Madam “Fix It” has got to be part of the value chain in enhancing agricultural research delivery.  Currently, Dr. Agona is the Director General of the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO).  As a agricultural researcher he has held several positions in NARO including: Acting Director General, Deputy Director General-Research Coordination, Director for Research Coordination, Director of Research at National Agricultural Research Laboratories in Kawanda, Head of National Post-Harvest Programme, Principal Research Officer, and Research Officer/Entomologist. He started out as a Scientific Officer/Entomologist in the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries in 1988.

Dr. Agona has a PhD in Agriculture (Crop Protection) from University of Zimbabwe; MPhil in Pure and Applied Biology (Stored Products Pests) from University of Wales, College of Cardiff; BSc in Agriculture with Honours from Makerere University, Kampala. He is an Alumni of St Mary’s College Kisubi, Comboni College and V.H. Primary School.



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